HTTP Message Signatures

This library provides a simple way to implement the IETF HTTP Message Signatures draft standard for signing and verifying the integrity and authenticity of HTTP requests and responses.

HTTP Message Signatures provide a secure way to ensure that HTTP messages exchanged between clients and servers are authentic and have not been tampered with during transit.

The library does not provide any cryptographic functionality, but instead relies on the user to provide Signer and Verify callback functions for signing and verifying messages, respectively. This allows you to choose your preferred cryptographic library and signing algorithm.

This library can be used both in Node.js and the browser, and the documentation provides platform-specific examples for each environment.


  • Sign HTTP requests and responses
  • Verify signed HTTP requests and responses
  • Support for custom Signer and Verify callback functions
  • Support for various components in the signature, including special components and headers
  • Browser and Node.js compatibility

LTO client library

This library integrates out of the box with @ltonetwork/lto. When using the LTO client library, it’s not necessary to provide a Signer or Verify callback function. The sign and verify functions will automatically accept an LTO account to sign and an LTO client to verify messages.

LTO Network